Phoolon Ki Chaadar- Indian Bridal Trend

The Flower canopy has a main significance for the Indian Bride. It is something which makes every bride feel like a princess. When her brothers and friends guide her through the entry till the stage, under the all ornate Phoolon Ki Chaadar, it makes every bride feel as if she is a princess all set to meet her prince. There are different styles which can be followed, like using different flowers and their buds, the fabric chaddar and many more.

Mogra and Roses– The classic woven style, is the most used and classic piece in this category. It is woven with Mogra buds and different flowers, most commonly roses are weaved somewhere in the pattern.


The Tulle Effect– A transparent fabric or a tulle in shimmer is also a good idea for a day wedding. Consequently different flowers can be added all around to it.


The framed effect– Get the flower arrangement framed like this one from all the sides so that its easy to hold. You can do different arrangements for the center and choose a different arrangement with another flowers for the frame. You can also match the colors of the flowers to your dress for perfect customization.


Flower Canopy with Kalirein– Adding the traditional Kalirein to the flower arrangement gives it a punch of punjabi style.


Palki Style Flower canopy– Its easy to carry and looks different instead of the conventional rectangle frame arrangement. If you are a lover of marigold flowers, then use them like this with white flowers.


Phulkari Chaddar– Use Traditional embroideries and fabrics for chaddar. A mix of kalirein with a phulkari fabric is a perfect mix of tradition for a punjabi wedding.


Image Reference:  Pinterest

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