7 Ways To Style With A Green Eye liner

Gone are the days when everyone use to stick to basic black and browns for an eye makeup. Well the colored eye liner are a big trend right now which is followed and loved by the women of all ages. Here are a few ways to create beautiful striking looks with a green eye pencil or a liner. Have a look…..

The winged style– Simple way to use a green eyeliner is to highlight the upper eye area in a winged style. To keep the things simple leave the rest of the eye as is. The best you can do is to apply a transparent mascara to shape the eyelashes.

Use it on lower lashes– Or you can simply use a black liner on the upper lid and use a green liner to highlight just the lower lashes.

Double liner– You can also use the liner in a double layer style where the colored green liner can be combined with a regular black liner to create this beautiful look.

Blend two different shades– You also combine two different shades in one go for a complete fun look. Just make sure that you combine pastels with pastels and darker shades with darker shades hues to strike a balance with this look.

Match green eye shadow– If all green is your look for the day then try this style. It will look great when carried with a party wear. Simply match your green liner with a green eye shadow to create this sensuous eye catchy look.

Cat’s eye style– One can also create cat’s eye look for an evening party. It will look gorgeous for date night or club night.

Combine it with gold– To add a touch of bling you can also combine your liner with gold, bronze or silver liners.

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