Soothe irritated eyes instantly with these home remedies

Calm Tired Eyes With These Natural And Easy Remedies

Excessive screen time is generally the sole reason of tired, irritated and puffy eyes nowadays. When the eyes are tired you feel that you are entirely exhausted. It gets difficult to concentrate and work efficiently. But there are certain tricks and tips to cool down your irritated eyes easily at home. Here they are…..

Use tea bagsBlack tea is very useful and safe to cool down the eyes and the skin around it. It also helps in reducing swelling and relaxes muscles instantly. Simply soak tea bags in cold water and keep in fridge for 5 minutes. Now keep these bags on the effected area for few minutes and you will be amazed with the results. You will instantly feel relaxed after and while using this trick.

Use caffeine– If you have got puffy eyes then caffeine is something which you must try. Caffeine helps in fighting swelling and so you can use coffee bags over and under your eyes to help cool down the affected area.

Cold spoon– Though this doesn’t works for long because this trick helps only till the spoon is cold but if you don’t have anything at home then a spoon can come to your rescue instantly. Keep two spoons in freezer for some time and use them over your eyes to feel relaxed.

Aloe vera gel– Aloe vera gel eye masks are easily available in market, you can use these eye masks and keep them in fridge all the time. Whenever you wish to use, take them out and use it instantly. You can also use fresh aloe vera gel for this purpose which will have a better effect but it will certainly get a little messy, as you will have to use cold gel directly over the eyes.

Cotton balls– This one again is a big yes as it cools irritated eyes instantly. Dip cotton balls in ice cold water and keep these balls over the eyes and relax. For better results you can replace water with cucumber juice for added benefits.

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