Independence Day Eye Makeup Ideas

Tomorrow we all will celebrate Independence Day with great joy and zest. But admit coronavirus situation if you have been thinking on how to celebrate this day, then how about indulging in some tricolor shades eye makeup for a change. You and your girl gang will surely love this makeup look. Here are a few inspirational pictures for you…

One of the easiest ways is to simply use an orange shadow over the eyelids, and a green eye shadow below the lower lashes. You can use a white eye pencil to create the sharp edges of the corners. You can also use a gold highlighter to give a shine to the eye makeup.

You can also use bright matte shades to create a eye catchy look. Blend orange and white over the eyelid, and slightly use shades of green and orange to highlight the upper eye area. Use a bright green eye liner to complete the look.

Another way to do eye makeup for this special day is to simply blend orange and green over the eyelid and use a thick eyeliner to highlight the eyes. Simultaneously you can also use a blue shadow around the lower eye area.

And you can use a white eye pencil to fullest on this day to highlight your eye makeup.

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