Make Your Own Natural Lip Color

Nature has everything we could possibly ask for. In Indian Ayurveda every beauty treatment was done by using medicinal, herbal and natural products, extracted from fruits, vegetables, leaves, roots etc. But we find it easy to bring everything ready made from the store. But none of those products are available to us in the purest of form. Well here are few ideas how you can use natural products to create a lip balm or lipstick of our own, and in an all natural way…

Beetroot– It has a sharp pinkish red color and stains hands whenever it’s cut. It is also used for natural textile dying. But do you know that it can also be used for making natural beauty products. What better than a lipstick which nourishes, and provides an excellent color without harming the skin at the same time. Beetroot is also good for pigmentation on lips. All you need is to strain out the juice of a beetroot, but do not add water while doing so, otherwise the extract will turn up watery and will not produce desired color. Remember to strain nicely, no pieces or scrap should be there in the extracted material. Now add one teaspoon coconut oil to it and little bit of shea butter. You can also add melted bee wax for a more solid form. Mix and refrigerate. Old lip balm containers can be reused for this purpose, but remember to clean and sterilize them first. Also since these products are natural and without any chemicals, keep them in freezer only.

Berry and pomegranate Lipstick– Take red berries if you want a pinkish tone, and the black ones if you want a strong berry color. You can also mix them and decide on the ratio according to the color desired. Extract the undiluted juice and mix 1 teaspoon of pomegranate juice. This will give a reddish tone to the product. Add 1/2 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil to this mixture. Mix and refrigerate.

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