Two Things To Do At Home To Beat The Heat In A Fun Way

Heat waves continue to bother all of us and we don’t see a sign of relief coming in another few days. And we won’t tell you to head uphill as most of the hill station are jam-packed right now because of excessive tourism. If you watch news then you know what we mean, you don’t want to end up being stranded on the roads for long hours after all. So the question is what can we do to survive the heat in a fun way….well here are a few ideas which you can do this summer without going anywhere….

Throw theme parties at home– You can call in your friends at home for a party which could be based on a theme. If you don’t want a theme then do it without a theme. To make it more interesting you could just cook your best recipes and everyone will just love it. For a second thought how about preparing a meal with organic veggies and fruits…well go a little creative and think how this could be a theme for your next party. Home cooked meals are always appreciated and when its all organic then nobody will want to wast the slightest of food…so go for it. And you don’t need to cook 5-6 items just 2-3 will be enough, afterall its a time to sit with the gang, gossip, dance, and enjoy being together.

Start a garden– So by now we know what global warming is doing to us, and no we are not saying that your garden will make a major change, no not at all. But how about making that 00000.1 percent of difference. Plants and trees are already replaced by jungle of tall buildings and apartments, but if you start a one this might encourage the others living in the vicinity. And believe us sitting with your plants will bring in so much positivity to you too. If you are a beginner google which plants attract birds or which plants are best for the environment and you will be amazed with the results and experiences which this whole process of growing plants and taking care of them brings to you. Plus you will be relived to see a patch of greenery near to you in this hot weather. Whether you have a terrace or a balcony you can start a garden anywhere.

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