Attract Birds To Your Garden By Helping Them Beat The heat With These Simple Bird Bath Ideas

Summers are here and you must be thinking of ideas to attract birds in your garden. Well off course feeding them with food and water definitely helps, but how about providing them with water spa to beat the scorching heat. Believe us the birds will love it and this will also relieve them for the heat waves. And its not difficult to build your own bird bath. You can make it with any pot like thing available at home. But remember not to use plastic, as plastic heats up really fast and therefore the water stored in it will also heat up. The best possible thing to use is something natural, like earthen pots, stones, even cement pots etc. as the water stored in them will remain cool for a longer period of time. Also place these bathing pots in shade or in minimum sunlight for birds to enjoy some shade. We wish you best of luck in attracting birds to your garden

Use old pots– You can use old garden pots as a base for your bird bath stand. Choose the height of the stand and accordingly use a bigger or a smaller pot, or you can even go for layered pots where you can put one pot over the another to increase the height of the bird bath. Now place or stick a earthen pot plate over the inverted pot, and place some stone and pebbles before filling water in it.

Reuse old sink– Reusing old sink for garden area is a great idea. You can grow plants in it as it already has a drainage which is necessary to grow plants, but you can also use it to build your own bird bath pot. For this you will first have to close the drainage and then fill it up with shells, stones or pebbles before filling it up with water.

Solar power fountain-Solar power fountain is probably one of the best accessory for your garden which will attract birds and will also look super pretty. It works with solar energy and battery and is therefore a fuss free garden accessory which is super easy to use. Simply keep it inside your bird bath pot and the running fountain will surely attract a lot of birds.

Stone urili– Urili’s made of stone are perfect for this project. They also keep the water cool for a longer time making it a perfect thing to use for a bird bath.

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