8 Ways To Use Shell Craft For Home Decor

Shells look beautiful in any form. They add a very natural and soothing touch to any decor, and there are so many ways to use them for the home decor. So if you are a shell lover and just love collecting shells, then here are a few ideas to incorporate using them…

Wind Chime– Create a beautiful wind chime using regular sea shells. If you want them to match the theme of your decor then paint the shells before using them , but natural look will always win hearts.

Natural candles– You can also fill these shells with candle wax and use them as decorative candles. So you can keep them on console tables near to the Buddha statue.

Ornate your flower pots– Small planter pots can get a real makeover with this simple DIY idea. And you can either place them like this, or simply paste them randomly according to your design idea.

Decorative lights– Decorating simple lights like this is an another great idea to bring in a personalized touch with the help of the shells.

Mason jar idea– To decorate a corner of your console or a coffee table simply use a mason jar with LED light strings and fill the jar with lot of shells. You can also place some sand at the bottom of the jar to replicate the beach look.

Revamp glass bottles– If you have a lot of beautiful glass bottles lying at home then this is what you should do to give them a new life. You can use this set as a flower vase for the living room.

Mirror work– No matter what the shape of your mirror is, the shell project will always look amazing on it.

Nature inspired table– Mirror top tables can get a real revamp with the shell idea.

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