6 DIY Bird Feeder Ideas

To attract birds in your garden you need to provide them with food and water. But whether its humans, animals or birds, everyone likes a dedicated space for themselves. And this is where using bird feeders can help you. And now since you have all the time in the world which you could ever ask for, go for these easy DIY bird feeder ideas to give a new life to your garden….

Use an old tray– Old tray’s can be used to make bird feeders. You don’t have to necessarily hang it, you can also place it somewhere on the floor, or anywhere where you can attract the birds. But if you want to hang it then make small holes on the four corners of the tray and use ropes and S loop to hang it somewhere in your garden. If you have a mesh tray to keep on the top of the grains, then nothing better than it as it will restrict the grains from spilling here and there when birds sit on them.

Cup and saucer– You can put the remaining last piece of your cup set to use like this. Simply stick the cup and the saucer together with a ceramic glue and let it dry completely before using it.

Orange peels– Now this is a very good idea to attract birds as citrus fruits are loved by select birds. You can either hang an orange fruit or simply use the peels as feeders to attract them. But place this feeder in shade as it will get spoiled easily in sun. Also weather conditions and local temperature in your area will decide the longevity of this feeder as it won’t last for long.

Tin cans-Many processed food items and cocktail fruits come in tin packaging. If you know little bit of woodwork then this is how you can arrange them together on a wooden platform.

Plastic bottles– Plastic bottles are excellent bird feeders. They are transparent and therefore can attract birds easily. Also it is very easy to cut and shape them.

Egg cartons-Egg box or egg cartons can also be used as a bird feeder. You can also paint them in bright colors to attract birds.

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