Recycle Old Tyres- Garden Accessories

A garden area is one of the most relaxing place for everyone at home, whether it’s kids or a old age person, everyone feels happy and relaxed to see greenery. Although nowadays we do not have much space left in our apartments for a luxurious garden space, but we can definitely make the best out of what we have. How we have to find out according to our convenience and working. Garden accessories definitely add some punk element to the otherwise boring green elements, but buying them for your garden can be an expensive affair every time, so why not create some using old tyres. Here are few ideas to try on….

Tyre Frog– This garden accessory will be loved by the kids. You can grow different flowers and plants in it too.


Tyre Smiley– Use a tyre and few different sized plastic bottles to create this smiley.


Lady Bug TyreUse double tyre in two different sizes. Paint it and grow plants in it.


Tyre Mini Garden– Cut the gyres into half and create a flower like shape like this. You can grow small plants and flowers in this. It can be a good idea to create a mini garden at a corner of your place.


Tyre Garden Fencing– Create a colorful fence around your garden by painting them in different shades and grow different plants in it.


Tyre Hanging Garden– Create a lovely space by placing a bunch of cutout tyres hanged around like this.


Tyre Planters or pots– Use the tyres as pots for growing plants.


Tyre Wall Hangings– They look good in natural form too, but you can paint them if you want. Hang it on your walls for the perfect look.


Tyre Pond– One of the best thing you can do in your garden is to create a water body. This is so easy to make and you can adjust the space according to your wish. You can make it a large one or just a small one.

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