Using Floating Shelves For Bathroom’s

Floating shelves are very common these days. And why not, after all it is easy to install and is a highly workable thing. You can use it anywhere like for your kitchen, living room, garden area and even for the bathing rooms. This is how it can work for you….

Space over the seat– The space over the toilet seat often goes unnoticed. But you can make a good use of this space by adding floating shelves to this area. Depending on your usage and the space available, these multiple shelves can be really good to keep items like paper rolls and jars of makeup products. To beautify the space a bit use catchy quotations and small planter pots to highlight the area.

Use it beside a mirror– Using a floating shelf near to the mirror is also a great option. You can use this space to keep face and bathing towels handy for the guests.

Just above the basin– Keeping stuff handy, like somewhere near to the basin makes things easy to find. You can take help of these floating shelves to do so.

Make use of the corners– Nothing like making the most of the corner spaces. Several corner panels are available which can be used to give your bathing area a new look.

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