How To Reuse Used Tea Bags?

I believe in reusing everything and if there is something which I don’t know how to reuse, then I make sure that I know how things can be worked out with the same. There are a lot of things which do not loose their properties at one go and can be reused to make the most of the item.

Especially the kitchen waste which we create everyday is what makes me think how to use it, as it is pure organic form which once gets into dustbins creates just waste for the environment.

Will discuss that later sometime, but for now here are few tips to reuse used tea bags….

-The best way to use them is to open up the bags and sprinkle the tea leaves to the base of the plants. I do this a lot myself, even the normal tea leaves left after preparing chai or tea goes into my planter pots, as it proves to be a good natural fertilizer for plants and soil. You can also mix it up with soil while planting new plants.

-If you want to get rid of the odors and want to keep the refrigerator smelling fresh always, then place few used tea bags inside it, you wont face the problem again.

-It’s great for sunburn too, use a used and chilled tea bag to treat sunburn by applying it to the affected area. It provides a great relief.

-It’s a nice conditioner for hair and makes them silky and shiny. Boil the used tea bag in water and let it sit until it cools down. After shampoo, give a final rinse to the hair with this water. But remember to take only those tea bags which did not come in contact with the milk and sugar while brewing.

-You can also mix it with mehndi leaves to give the hair a nice color. A nice hair pack with Mehndi leaves, tea leaves water an egg and some curd makes an excellent hair pack. Tea leaves are also a natural dye for hair.

-The injection sore is painful for everyone, so next time you face it try placing a wet and chilled tea bag to the area. The tannic acid present in the leaves will treat and soothe it.

-It can also be used to dye several things like clothes, textiles, paper. Since tea is a natural dye it is used by textile artists to create textures through tie and dye or just to simple dye a product. An organic and natural way to color things.


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