Make Organic Natural Colors At Home This Holi

Holi is around, and the over enthusiast kids have already started having a gala time on roads by throwing balloons and water on the passerby. This brings us to the very point that are the colors available in the market safe for children and us to have them around us.

We all know that they are full of chemicals which can do some serious damage to the skin and body, especially to the kids. You cannot even trust the so called organic and herbal colors which are sold, till the time they don’t show the certificate on the packet. The only option left is either to avoid colors which we don’t want you to do.

Here are few ideas as how you can create your own natural colors at home… this time have a safe and organic holi and don’t worry about the colors, just take care that the wet versions should be made only a day or night before or they will get spoiled….

– Pomegranate seeds is an excellent choice to achieve a dark pinkinsh tone. You can boil pomegranate peels in water, and leave it to rest overnight, the color will darken till morning . A natural pink color is ready to be used and it does leave color on the skin but in a natural way which wont harm the skin. . Red hibiscus flowers and red sandalwood powder both can be used to create a natural color in this way.

– Make a green gulal or green powder by mixing pure heena powder to the equal amount of flour and this will be your all natural green color for holi. For a wet version try neem leaves, boil them in water and green color is ready, best thing is that its good for skin and hair both, so it wont be a problem if someone pours even a bucket full of this water on you.

– Yellow color can be achieved by boiling marigold flower in water, it gives a nice yellow color and for a dry version mix turmeric with flour. You can also make a mixture of turmeric and besan for a dry yellow color. Turmeric when boiled in water and kept overnight gives a nice yellow color for wet use.

– We use black carrot to make kanjhi and for the first day the color is somewhat blue, use the juice of it to create a blue color.

– Beetroot is excellent to create a purple shade. Boil beetroot in water and let it stay overnight. It will create a nice dark color till morning.


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