Interesting And Simple Tattoo Ideas

It’s always the simple and the sweet things which blow our minds and give us happiness. Well same is with the tattoos, unlike the big and bold ones the simplest of the designs look great and interesting when it comes to their look. Here are few simple and small tattoo ideas which will inspire you to get inked….

The ankle area– This is a great ideas for a tattoo, a little different and interesting. You can get a quote or a thought done or even get some signs inked here with it’s meaning.


Quote fingers– A simple thought or a quote looks great on the fingers like this. Getting the names of your loved ones done here is also a great idea.


Describe yourself in a word– Well its a nice idea to use hands for a tattoo, as its the most visible part of the body. It is the only body part which remains uncovered most of the times, so if you want or tattoo to be more visible and  prominent then this is the perfect place. Make the most of it by describing yourself in a word.


Chirping birds– One of the most interesting and feminine tattoo’s for girls. They look so cute and great and can be done in pairs. One can get them inked on the outer part of the hands or at the nape of the neck or even at the ankle part or foot. They look equally good everywhere, and have different styles of them depending on the body part where you want to get it done.


Tattoo on foot– We have seen Deepika padukone flaunting one like this, well its a great idea for those who want to experiment with something new and want to try foot tattoos for a change.


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