Embroidered Blouses For South Indian Brides

The traditional handloom silk sarees, whether plain or textured is a special part for the brides in South India. They have rich textures and colors. Matching them with embroidered blouses, done in traditional embroidery techniques and patterns is a great thing, as they look great together. Here are few tips….

Gold and Tangerine Total contrast– Combining an embroidered contrast shade blouse with a white and gold saree is a gorgeous way to flaunt traditional kerala sarees and silk sarees. Embroidery in shades of gold and zardosi work looks nice. Never get the embroidery done in single shade of gold, otherwise the embroidery will never stand out. In the picture below you can see embroidery in zardosi with a touch of pearl.


Embroidered blouse in same color combination– Blouse in the same shade as the color of the saree can be embroidered if you do not want a contrast look. You can either pick up a plain fabric and get it embroidered in a pattern similar to the saree, or pick up a nice textured brocade and get it embroidered slightly, as a pre textured fabric would need only highlighting.


Blouse with shades of saree– Blouse done in a contrast color looks more matching and customized specially for the saree, if the color of the saree is included in tits and bits in the blouse. For example borders can be done in the same shade as the saree and resham can be added in the embroidery in between.


Golden affair-A plain golden silk saree is perfectly matched with an embroidered blouse in gold, pearl and stones.


Block Pattern embroidery– If you want a heavy embroidered blouse, then you can go in for this traditional pattern. It is best for the sleeves, small blocks or squares are then filled with flower pattern at the center. A simple design in a matching pattern can be done on the neckline too.


The paisley wonder– They are done basically for the center of the sleeves. A thick border to match it is done on the sleeves and neckline too.


White and gold– If you want to keep it simple and in monotone shades, then a white golden saree can be worn with a white blouse, embroidered in shades of gold.


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