Home Decor Ideas Using Fairy Lights

Fairy lights add a nice blingy detail to your home. You can turn any space into your favorite cosy corner by using them. But how to use them….well we have a few ideas….

LED photo lights– Use LED clip lights to create a beautiful wall of memories. You can clip your favorite pictures to these lights, and the best thing is that you can change the pictures according to your mood. During home parties you can change pictures and use this wall to make your guests remember the great times you had with each other.

Highlight the walls– If you want to add a green space to the wall then think about this idea. Use leaf and flower strings along with the fairy lights to highlight the area. You can also use this idea to create a partition between large spaces.

Blingy curtains– You can also use fairy lights to give your curtains a nice lighted look. It works best on transparent or translucent curtains.

Balcony ceiling– Make your own DIY chandelier with fairy lights. This is what your well done balcony needs on those special occasions. Doesn’t this feel like sitting under the stars.

light up bedding– Ever thought on how to add some extra elements to your bed, well now you have an idea.

Light in a jar– You can also fill up your Maison or any other glass jar with these lights and use them to decorate side tables or console tables. You can also keep stuff like sand, pebbles, shells almost anything in these jars which you feel will go with your theme.

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