Flower Arrangement For Bridal Hairstyle

Flowers make everything look beautiful and lively, whether its your jewellery or hair they are used for beautifying everything.

They make simple hairstyle look gorgeous with there presence.

Here are few ways how you can pair them with your hairstyles….

Pair it with loose hair– If you have natural curls then flaunt them by leaving your hair open. Pull them back halfway through and pin them up at the back.

You can now put the flowers over the pin in a slightly tilted avatar. Bunch of small flowers look interesting instead of big ones.

Roses with bunHigh buns are very common with the brides, you can use real red roses to match your attire. Medium sized roses can be used on the sides, behind the ear. You can also use white, pink, coral roses if they match your dress.

Wear it like Sonam– She knows how to wear flowers perfectly. Taking an inspiration from her you can braid the front hair, and take it towards the back leaving the rest of the hair open. Use flowers in asymmetric way like in the picture.

Twist them in a bun– A simple silk saree goes best with a bun and mogra flowers, but this bun is surely far different from the rest and looks quiet interesting.

Low Bun and flowers– A low lying bun can be paired with flowers arrangement at the top of the bun instead of wrapping them around or arranging them on sides.

Small flowers or buds-Pair it with half undo hairstyle, small colorful flowers or even buds of flowers can be used to highlight the twists and turns of hair.


Braid them up– If you are thinking of braid, then single flowers can highlight the entire braid like this.


Image reference: Pinterest

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