DIY Wedding Decoration For Home Functions

Decor is a special part of any wedding and has to be taken care off properly. Mostly decorators take care of the stuff, but if you have functions at home and are planning to do all by your own, then here are few DIY ideas which will turn your home function into a very interesting one….

Flower strings– The easiest of all the other decor ideas is a flower string, which irrespective of the occasion never fails to impress. They add a colorful and vibrant touch to the decor with a breeze of freshness. You can also pick the colors of the flowers according to the theme of the wedding, like pastel roses in pink and peaches for the day wedding or vibrant orange, yellow and red marigold flowers for the Mehndi and so on. The best thing is that they are super easy to make and all you need to do is to hang it onto something.

Paranda– Colorful paranda’s hanging from a tree look interesting and is a perfect entrance decor for an occasion like this.

Kites– They are a great addition if you want to add colorful fun elements to the decor. Use them for creating a ceiling or create a photo booth background with them.

Ribbons/Pinwheels– Remember playing with them when you were a child, well they make an excellent Indian wedding prop, and are fun when used for decoration. You can club them with colorful paper or fabric ribbons.

Real photo strings– A photo string like this one will make everyone nostalgic. Collect pictures from your childhood and stick them in string like these. Try to cover picture with every close relative if possible and you will see them going down the memory lane. If its a night wedding you can use a light string instead of the flower string to make the pictures glow in the dark.

LED Tealight candles– Candles add a special charm and romanticism to the decor. Instead for the real candles you can opt for hassle free LED tealight candles, which withstand harsh winds and last longer than the original ones. These candles can be put inside glass jars which can be tied to colorful fabric strings. You can now hang them to almost anything like a tree, to a photo booth stand or create a great backdrop with it.

Tree decorations– Trees can be decorated with flower garlands and also with fabrics in different colors. You can also put LED lights or hang candle jars from the branches.

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