6 Home Decor Ideas For Krishna Janmashtami

Krishna Janmashtami is around the corner and many of you must have already planned the day in advance. But have you planned how to decorate your home on this special day. Janmashtami special home decor will make you get into the festive mood, and will also help all the family members to do stuff together. Here are a few ideas to follow….

Hanging decor– Its nice to pay attention to details when you have celebrations going at home. Therefore do not forget to decorate your home with these easy to make hanging stuff which can easily be made with any available flower and a string or a ribbon. You can also use simple marigold strings instead of making these one.

Floating Flowers and candles– Well this combination is apt for any festive decor. The best thing is that this combination can be done in so many ways with the resources available readily. Decorate table tops, corners or the entrance and even the pooja room with candles and flowers. And off course you can mix different flowers and leaf for a colorful look.

Decorate spaces– Well this is something you will have to choose wisely according to your home. Do decorate small corners, table tops, granite tops or any other suitable space at home with items like candles, flowers, brass items like diya and other stuff to add a divine and festive feel to the ambience of your home.

Mini swimming pool– Give ladoo gopal or baby Krishna a fun time by arranging a nice mini pool for him. You can fill in the pool with water balloons and flowers and it will look surreal.

Rangoli– Create Rangoli for this special occasion. You can create one with rangoli colors or simply use different flowers to create one.

Jhula decor– Don’t forget to decorate the jhula or the swing for baby Krishna. You can decorate the jhula with real flowers and other items. Creating Rangoli around it, or having a nice background against the jhula would make the whole ambience look lively.

Dahi Handi– If you have kids then they will love this idea. Create dahi handi for them and encourage them to play the game to get into the feel of the celebration.


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