3 Recipes Which Will Make Janmashtmi Fasting More Fun

Happy Janmashtmi to all…..For all those people who are fasting on this occasion, here are these three absolutely lipsmaking recipes which will make your day more wonderful. Here you go..

Sabudana Thalipeeth– Take 1 cup pre soaked, strained and dried sabudana pearls, and mix it with 2 medium sized boiled and mashed potatoes. To this add spices like rock salt, chopped ginger, little bit of sugar, lemon juice, cumin powder, finely chopped coriander and a good quantity of roasted and coarsely grounded peanuts. Mix everything well and grease your palms well before you start making thaalipeeth on tawa. Take the mixture in your palms and using a light pressure flatten the mix a bit and then transfer it to a hot paan. Drizzle ghee on both the sides and enjoy with raita or curd.

Aloo Paneer cutlet– Mix boiled and mashed potatoes and paneer together in 1:1 ratio. To this add rock salt or sendhaa namak, black pepper, chopped coriander leaves, little bit of milk powder or dry fruit powder to give a little binding to the cutlet mix. Now grease the palms with oil and begin with preparing the cutlets. Shallow fry them on pan. You can also add chopped dry fruits like raisins, cashew, pistachio in the middle of the cutlets for a nutty flavor.

Arbi Tikki– Pressure cook arbi to just 1 whistle and then switch off the gas but don’t remove the lid immediately. Wait for 10-15 minutes and then remove and peel the cooked arbi. Using a light pressure of your palm try to flatten the arbi a little bit. Do this with all the pieces. Optionally you can use almond flour as a substitute to breadcrumbs and coat the outer layer of the arbi using this. Now shallow fry the arbi on medium flame till it becomes golden brown. Once done add the pieces in a bowl and sprinkle rock salt, black pepper, chopped coriander leaves, roasted and crushed peanuts and a dash of lemon juice. Mix properly and serve immediately.

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