4 Ways To Decorate Walls With Divine Paintings

Divine paintings bring a nice peaceful feel to the ambience of the home. No doubt that people love using them somewhere or the other for decorating walls and homes. But to do it in a best way is the key to making a mark with these striking paintings. Here are a few ideas….

Brick wall- A raw brick wall is the perfect place to showcase a divine painting. The bright colors of the paintings come alive when placed against a raw and subtle background like this one. You can place a nice traditional swing in front of the painting and it will look perfect.

Pooja room– Another way to include the paintings is to use them on the entrance of the pooja room doors. Now you can either hang a painting or can even get the painting done directly at the entrance door or on the divider.

Light up the living room– If you have a corner space which you can’t figure out as how to decorate then watch out for these elements. Get a low floor seating arrangement placed in front of the painting. Other elements like a matching carpet small stool or a coffee table arranged with different pots and plants and a lamp will make a perfect cozy space for you to relax.

Highlight gallery– You can also highlight the front wall of a gallery. Or you can also put this idea to use for a small panel of wall where the size of the painting perfectly covers the entire space.

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