Bags which look flattering On a petite figure

If you are a petite size then carrying a right size of bag is very very important for you. You definitely won’t want the wrong kind of a bag to overpower and ruin your look. Here are a few bag types which work very well for a petite figure….

Clutch– A clutch is one of the best pick for a petite women. Pick them up in different shapes and colors to match these bags perfectly for any occasion.

Crossbody– This is an another must have thing for you if you are a petite figure. They are easy to carry and you can use them over one shoulder or in a cross way like in the picture. But remember to buy small to medium sized bags only, as the big ones will make you look like as if the bag is carrying you instead of the viceversa.

Satchel– This bag has a very constructed look and therefore it can be well used as a formal or an office wear bag. Again remember to buy a small or a medium sized bag as this type generally comes in decently big size.

Hobo bag– A medium sized hobo is something to bank upon if you are a petite size. It is easy to carry and looks great too.

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