4 Perfect Bags For A Petite Girl

If you are petite then you must take extra care of your fashion sensibilities. Reason being that a small mistake or some wrong choices can really ruin your look. And like you take care of your clothing, same way its important to know which kind of bags suits your figure. So here are a few handbag styles which are a great choice for any petite girl….

Hand clutch– This one is a must have bag for every short heighted girl. It suits the figure so well that it is almost irreplicable. A nice bag like this is great for any date night, or even for casual outings like going out for lunch with friends or so.

Crossbody bag– Crossbody bags are easy and comfortable to carry and look really stylish. It is a stylish pick for a petite girl but always remember to adjust the strap of the bag to sit somewhere near your waist. This is the perfect size for a petite women. A long strap bag will do blunder to your look in this case.

Structured square bag– For a formal look you must have a small size nicely structured bag. You can always carry it for formal meetings and get togethers. This is also a must have style for work wear. Pick this in neutral shades like tan, beige, browns or black so that its easy to use it with most of your outfits.

Shoulder bag– A smart but small sized or even medium sized shoulder bag is an another staple thing to add to your wardrobe. It is so handy and great for those days when you are in a carefree mood and do not wish to carry bag in your hand.

Belt bag– This very stylish bag ensures that you are hands free but still have a functional bag to use. Try a smaller size and it will look perfect.

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