5 Ways To Revamp Your Old Umbrella For This Monsoon

Monsoon is already here, and if you are not umbrella ready then please do yourself a favor and buy or revamp an old umbrella as soon as possible. If you already have one and do not like how it looks, or if you have been thinking on how to give it a customized look then here are some ideas. These DIY ideas will turn your boring umbrella’s into a eye catchy accessory. Take a look…..

Hand paint– If you like painting different things then you have a project here! Think of a pattern which best suits you and take out your favorite colors and brush to paint an umbrella. If you are a beginner then stick to one or two colors, and if a pro then we don’t have to tell you what to do.

Use tassels– Tassels can lit up anything, isn’t it! Use one to finish the edges of your umbrella and see how easily you change the look of this accessory. Avoid using cotton laces as it won’t dry quickly. Go for poly and nylon based laces instead which are easy to use and quick to dry.

Transparent umbrella– A transparent umbrella might not look so appealing but it is a very functional accessory. The see through texture really helps many a times. But if you do not like it to be plain then try painting pastel shades cherry blossoms at the top part of the umbrella. How appealing they look, isn’t it.

Use tape– There are many types of plain and textured tapes available in market. Some come in solid colors while some have different designs on them. Choose any tape and simply stick it in a desired pattern on the umbrella. This one is a quick and hassle free project which anybody can do.

Stencils and spray– If you are not sure of your free drawing skills then take help of stencils and use different colors of spray bottles to make your task easier.

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