8 Bridal Entry Ideas Using An Umbrella

There are many ideas which can be used for bridal entry but using an umbrella is actually something out of the league. And if you haven’t noticed how diversified these ideas can be then do check out these options….

Marigold flowers– An umbrella decorated with marigold flowers is the best accessory to carry on Mehndi and Haldi functions. Different shades of marigold can be picked to create a color variation here.

GotaGota umbrellas look stunning on every occasion. You will find it in dark shades and even in pastel colors. Addition of Kalirein add a nice tasseled and jeweled look to the umbrella.

All Flowers– Different exotic flowers like orchids, carnations etc. can be used along with different leaves to cover the umbrella entirely. You can also match the colors of the flowers with the color of your lehnga.

Net– For a romantic look use net umbrella which can be further decorated with flowers and other things. A plain net can also be used instead of the textured one.

Modern design– This is simply awesome…….Bunch of flowers decorated with a lot of colorful butterflies is simply surreal. Its perfect for a modern bride.

Mogra flowers– If you love mogra flowers then this kind of umbrella is for you. Umbrella made of braided mogra buds is pure love.

Bead hangings– The breaded strings here add a texture and design element to the otherwise plain umbrella. So if you like it to get a little dramatic then go for this kind.

Net trail– Umbrella with trail looks simply out of a fairytale story. A trail will really add up to the mood of the celebration.

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