7 Ways To Revamp Old Pair Of Heels While In Quarantine

Thinking of discarding old heels which no longer interest you, well you can easily revamp them and give them a new life to be worn again. How, well we have a few ideas here….and though you won’t have all the things mentioned here, but some or the other thing will surely fit your limitations. Have a look….

Magazine cutout– If you are a die hard fan of pop and retro things then this style might interest you. All you need is some interesting colorful cutouts from comic or regular magazines and stick them nicely on the entire footwear. Cutout the extra paper from the sides of the silhouette and seal everything nicely by applying a coat of permanent fixer or varnish.

Newspaper print– You cannot pick newspaper to create this effect as newspaper is too thin for this use. So you can create a similar effect by taking cutouts from magazine write ups. To seal and finish the edges of the opening you can use a similar shade nail paint for a professional look.

Use glitter– If you want a good dose of bling on your heels then try to cover them all in glitter. You can choose to have a single color glitter for the entire shoe, or you can also choose different shades of the same color for a tonal effect.

Fur lace-To give a contemporary feminine feel to your heels try using a soft fur lace to embellish the plain heels.

Use jerkins and stones– How about using a few shiny stones on your heels. You can either go for contrast colored stones or can even use a tone on tone shade to create this effect. Use them in bunches either at the back or at the front for the best look.

Sequence lace– Sequence laces come in many forms and are generally done over a net fabric. They are very easy to mould and turn according to the need and therefore are great to embellish a plain footwear.

Pom pom fun– You can either use normal store bought pom poms, or make your own fun net balls to replicate the store bought balls.

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