5 Kitten Heels Which Are A Must Have To Make A Striking Style Statement

Kitten heels are very much in fashion, and the best thing about these heels are that they are not going to hurt your feet in a long run. But to make a striking appearance you need to watch out for styles which really make a difference to your dressing. And here are a few ways to make a bold statement wearing these heels….

Shocking colors– One way to make your heels stand out is to pick shocking and striking colors for your footwear. Colors like pink, green, purple etc. are bold enough to make a striking statement.

Strappy heels– Strappy heels look so feminine and are perfect to wear for a date or a party. But when high heels hurt pick up one in kitten style for comfort and style.

Basic whites– White footwear is very much in fashion. A white footwear looks very very smart when worn properly. You can wear them with neutral color attire or they can also be worn when you want to flaunt a contrast color outfit. This way a white footwear will balance out your entire look.

Embellished ones– Embellished heels will definitely make their mark instantly. A plain outfit can be easily teemed with these kind of embroidered footwear for a striking look.

Half and half style– You can also pick pairs which are done in half and half style where two different colors are used in one footwear. They look interesting and are high on functionality as they can be paired with more outfits because of their colors. But restrict wearing them with too many colored outfits or else they will loose their charm.

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