Know Your Pump Style

Women go crazy when it comes to footwear. It is a saying that you can judge a person by the shoes they wear. Its completely true, as a good footwear is an essential part of your styling which cannot be ignored. Imagine one looking all graceful from head to bottom, and then suddenly we see those not so matching sneakers at the bottom, a complete noooooo…. it just killed the entire look of yours. Choosing a right footwear according to the occasion and apparels you want to wear is very important. It is as important as is choosing your dress. You can choose from different shapes and designs available, but a classic pump heels matches up with almost every attire you have in your wardrobe. Match it up with Skirts, Trousers, Denims, Palazzo, Dress, Jumpsuit, it goes with everything. You can choose the style and design of pumps according to the styling of your dress and your comfort.

The Pointed Toe Pump Style which looks stylish with almost most of your garments. A little formal pattern and goes well with office dressing or corporate dressing. This is a pointed front version of pumps often known as Pointed Toe Pumps as they are pointed from front.

Almond Toe Front Style – It is slightly rounded and raised from front in compared to the pointed toe-front style.

Platform Style Pumps – This style has a platform base at the front bottom which provides support to the foot for comfort.

Pumps with Multiple Thick Straps Style This style generally has more than one strap added to the classic pump style.

The Cage Strap Style Pumps This style has multiple straps, generally ending till ankle.

Bow Style Platform Pumps – The classic platform pumps have bow detail at the center.

Extended Straps Pumps – This style has long extended straps, styled along with the basic pumps. It gives legs an elongated look making them look taller.

Ankle Strap Pumps – Basic Pumps added with a strap at the ankle to fastened for support. The width of the strap varies according to the design of the footwear.

Back Bow Platform Pumps They look stylish with a back bow detail and look perfect for a special evening.

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