Must Have Bags For Wardrobe

Every women loves having a wardrobe full of bags but sadly that’s not possible.

Therefore we have listed few must have bags which every fashionista should have….

Here they go..

Big Black Bag– A large sized black bag is something very basic and which everyone should have. It is spacious and you can store almost anything in it.

Secondly you can match it up with almost everything in your wardrobe.

Pick a nice structured business bag and it will go with the formals and suit your business meetings as well.


Brown bag– After black, this is another must have for you. Since black can overpower other things sometimes, brown is the color which will help you sail out of the situation at the right time.

Nude color– Great to be paired with pastel attires, it really saves you in those situations were you cannot use the black and the browns. There are several shades of nude bags available, you can select your pick according to the color best for rest of the wardrobe.

Sling bags– They are so much in fashion and are super easy to carry. You can wear it for a party or for an outing. They come in different shapes like square, round and horizontal and have straps in different style, like one in plain chain or a braided one with leather and chain. Bags with just plain leather strap looks quiet elegant.

Contrast colors– A bag which has a bright striking color should be there in your wardrobe for those happy go lucky days when you want to grab some extra attention. You can pick any bright color like pink, fuschia, green but nothing like a bright orange or a tangerine bag since the color teams up nicely with other colors.

Animal print bag– Any animal print bag would be a great addition to your closet. It peps up even the most boring clothes into a lively one. But do not mix and match other prints with it otherwise it will look like a fashion blunder.

Indian embroidery bags in multicolor-Clutches in multicolor threadwork look great. There are so many versions of them available here in India.

Embroidered clutch– Everyone should have one embroidered clutch for those special evenings when you want to party or go out for some special occasion.

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