Look Your Best In Black Tulle Skirt

Skirts are every girl’s favorite, but a basic black tulle skirt does wonder, and is a must have in every fashionista’s wardrobe. When in doubt wear it and you will never go wrong. Whether you are dressing up for a day get together or a night out party it never fails to impress, because its such a classic thing to flaunt.

Here are few ways to style your look with it…

Black and white striped Top– Pair a long Tulle skirt with a striped Top. Long skirts look good with off shoulder tops.


Polka Dots-For a bold monochromatic look, go in for a polka dot top or pick any other textured print.


Mix and match Tulle Textures– Tulle is available in different designs and textures. It is not only about being plain and grainy but is also available in different designs which are basically florals. You can mix and match them for your separates.



Tired Black skirt– Short Tired skirt is perfectly matched with a bold striped boat neck Top.


Brocade Top– Well if you are thinking of wearing your favorite Tulle skirt to a party, then a brocade top will certainly be the best pair with it. Even the brocades in bright shades will work, and their lustrous texture will be a good mix with the plain texture of the tulle.


Plaids and checks– Though checks give a little formal look, but they look great with Tulle skirt. The colorful pattern of checks and plaids give a high contrast to the plain skirt and therefore stands out.


Play with contrast colors and layering– A colorful layer thrown upon the monotone look is great for adding colors. One can also use a bright colorful scarf, or a bandanna instead.


Slogan T-shirt– Shout out loud by pairing a Tulle skirt with your favorite slogan T-shirt.


The Leather Jacket look– Well a good fitted leather jacket never fails to impress, so is the case here. Complete the monotone look by pairing a leather jacket with your look.

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