Recycling Old T-shirts

Recycling is always a good thing, especially when it comes to using your old garments.

Here are few ideas to turn your old T-shirts into other ideas like pieces of home furnishing, jewelry etc.

Turn them into skirts– Did you know that your favorite T shirt can be turned into a nice piece of skirt. It’s simple, cut the above part till neckline and armhole to get a square piece, and sew a elastic to make the waist part. The skirt is ready.

How about a neck piece– Ropes of an old T-shirt can be really helpful in making jewelry pieces and many more other items.

Braid them into a chain or just take multiple stripes and leaving it halfway like that, braid the next half to complete the neckpiece. You can add beads, pearls etc in few of these strings to make it more ornamental.

Scarf for style– A nice scarf is a necessity of every wardrobe as it adds a style to your look. Turn old T-shirts into different scarfs like a simple knotted one, or a braided one, or you can also add a piece of jewelry to one end.

Tote bag for shopping– Your favorite T shirt can also be turned into a nice Tote bag which will be a great accessory for shopping. The best thing is that you do not even have to sew it, all you need is just a T-shirt and a pair of scissor.

It makes a good headband– Create colorful headbands by cutting off your T shirt. You can also make it colorful by adding stripes of different t-shirts. Few T-shirt ropes and simple braiding makes a great piece of headband.

Carpets and rugs– Those old T-shirts have one more job, they can be turned into beautiful mattress or rug. You can also make coasters like this.

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