Reuse Household Items To Organize Jewelry

Its really painful to see your favorite pieces of jewelry lying here and there because you don’t know how to organize them, or even if you do it they become messy all over again.

Well we have few simple ideas which will help you to organize your stuff using the daily household items…..

Toilet roll– They are great to hang neck pieces, the best thing is that you can add multiple neck pieces at one place and that too without entangling them.

Use chocolate boxes-Next time when you indulge in your favorite chocolate, don’t throw away the beautiful boxes, instead use them to store jewelry items like earrings, rings etc. I personally like using Ferrero Rocher chocolate boxes as it comes with a nice tray packing, which makes it a great pack for my earring collection. Incase if you have a box without an inbuilt tray, then you can add small cupcake or muffin paper moulds to create a base.

Buttons are great too– How easily a simple button can be used to organise earrings. Delicate earrings always get mixed up, and then its hard to find the matching pairs when you are in a hurry. But this way you won’t face the same issue, it’s great especially when you are travelling and cannot carry your whole box. This little trick will help you to carry your favorite pieces in a fuss free way.

Reuse Shoe Boxes– They make a great storage item for so many things, but we will talk only about the accessories here. Use wooden sticks or leftover foil paper roll and insert them vertically or horizontally to make a bangle or bracelet box.

Grater is useful too– An old grater which is of no use to you now, can be used to hang jewelry pieces like earrings. You can also paint them in bright colors for a better look.

Image Reference: Pinterest

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