Take Inspiration from Deepika Padukone to use label markers to organize stuff at home and at office

Few days back Deepika Padukone shared a post where the picture shared by her hand printed labels spread on a tabletop. The printed labels were basically meant for organizing kitchen stuff, because the labels read dal, rava, rice etc.

‘Productivity in the time of COVID-19’ she captioned.

But do you know that the label marker which is easily available can be used to organize so many things. It is so useful that you can almost get addicted to it at times. Here are a few things which you can organize using a label marker…

Kitchen jars– Spice boxes and other kitchen jars can be labeled like this to organize kitchen in a better and interesting way.

USB wires-It’s literally difficult to figure out which wire you are looking for till the time they are not labelled. Well, you can use your label marker smartly here.

Stationary– Files and other stationary items can also be labelled in a similar manner for a quick and smart work. Labeling items will save your time in finding them quickly when needed.

Plants and herbs– If you have a small kitchen garden or a group of herbal plants then how about labeling them like this.

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