6 mason jar ideas for an organized and a beautiful home

Mason jars not only make regular cocktail drinks look tempting, but these beautiful jars can also be used to organize stuff and for general home decor purposes. Here is how you can use them….

Planter pots– Mason jars are excellent to grow indoor plants like succulents, which do not need much water and light to grow. Layer the jar with stones, gravel and potting soil to grow your favorite plants.

Brush holders– You can also paint these jars and use them to store your makeup brushes.

Mason jar oil lamp– Throw some herbs and peels of citrus fruits like cinnamon sticks, rosemary, orange peels in a mason jar and fill it up with oil. You can use normal cooking oil for this purpose. Place a wick at the center and a quick DIY oil lamp is ready. You can take help of a used floating candle mould to insert your wick, which will help the wick to easily float at the top.

Cutlery holder– You can also use these jars to organize your kitchen stuff. Keep spoons, folks and knives separately in different mason jars for an easy access.

Flower vase– Use them as is or paint them in pastel or bright colors, well the choice is upto you.

Customized Photo frame– Fill stones, sand or gravel at the bottom of the jar and decorate the space with shells and other miniature items. Now place your favorite picture at the center. The best part is that you can change the picture whenever you want. Infact you can also add fairy lights to the jar.

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