Serve Party Drinks In Glass Dispensers To Impress Your Guests

If you often plan parties at home then which jars to use to serve drinks to guests is always a big question right. And though you can use different bottles and steel jars and other stuff lying at home but dedicating something as a quirky solution would be far better. And here a glass dispenser comes to your rescue as it looks beautiful and is a perfect way to serve drinks at home parties. Its easy to use and looks beautiful. Moreover you can come up with different set up ideas to make your drink corner look more interesting.

Flavored water– Prepare flavored or detox water for your guests and they will really love having it. You can prepare different flavors like one with lime and mint. The other one with berries and basil and many more. Make sure to make it in good quantity as your guests will definitely ask for more.

Juices– You can also serve fruit and vegetable juices in these glass dispensers. Place them in a high rise platform and keep mason jars or glass bottles along with colorful straws to keep up with the spirit of the décor. To make things more interesting use stickers of fruits on the bottle , you can pick the stickers according to the fruit juices you are going to serve that day.

Ice tea and mocktails– Serving mocktails and Ice tea can never get more interesting than this. You can hang cute chalkboards along with the jars to mention what is being served. Adding fresh cut fruits to these drinks will make them taste so fresh and straight out of the heaven.

Flavored lemonades– Your favorite lemonade can also be served in these jars. We don’t think you would want to serve your lemonades in anything else after using these jars.

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