Highlighting Bun With White Flowers

Gone are the days where only gajra or mogra flowers were used to highlight a bun hairstyle. Now, a bun can be adorned with different flowers in varied colors. But if you want to go for a traditional white color, then you can look out for these patterns which can be achieved by using different flowers and buds.

Use a mix of big and small flowers– A bun looks more beautiful when it has some character. You can add the same by using small flowers at the bottom and highlighting the look with big flowers at the top.

Use small flowers to fill the inside bun– You can also use a mix of big flowers to highlight the lower and the silhouette of the bun and then use small flowers to fill in the space in the middle.

Mix two colors– If you want to add another contrasting color to your bun, then use the contrast shade at the bottom. And fill the upper bun with white flowers, this way it will look more balanced.

Highlight only the silhouette– If your bun is done in a special style which you want to flaunt then simply use the flowers to highlight the silhouette.

These are a few other ways to do a white flower bun…

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