Things To Do With Rose Petals

The terrace garden of my mom has different roses, and they give such a positive energy while doing meditation. Their vibrant colors, fragrance everything feels pure bliss, and all you can do is thank god for such a beautiful morning.

Well early morning while sitting there I picked up few rose petals which were lying here & there and they were smelling so good, that it made me come up with this article of things to do with rose petals…..

Rose Ice Cubes – Summers are arriving, and you would need ice in almost every drink.

Infuse the ice water by adding rose petals to the ice tray, and you can add them to the drinks like iced tea, lemonade or even plain water in that case.

The taste would be so great with a flavor of rose and would also make the drink refreshing.

Rose Water – Make rose water as it a great natural astringent and toner for the skin. You can also use it as a room spray, or just add few drops to the bathing water for a soothing and relaxing bathing experience. And most importantly you would not have to use the store bought rose water since you have a fresh one. Just place around 1 cup of rose petals, dried or fresh in a bowl or a container and fill it with water. Cover and place it in a warm area like in sunlight for few days, strain and the rose water is ready to be used.

Shower Bags -Make a small potli or a small bag of cloth having rose petals and few drops of chamomile essential oil. Place this bag to the shower, whenever someone takes a shower, the steam from the hot water will take out the goodness and fragrance of both the things and help you to have a great aromatic bathing experience.

Rose for decoration -You can also use them to decorate homes if guests are arriving. You can place few fresh petals to a bowl of water and float few candles in it. You can also prepare a natural potpourri for home fragrance with a mix of dried rose petals, dried lavender and few drops of lavender essential oil.

Rose Sharbat – Rose has a cooling effect on body, so you can also make a summer cooler like rose sharbat or a rose lemonade out of fresh rose petals and store it in fridge.


Image Reference: Pinterest

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