Mayonnaise salad recipes

3 Lip Smacking Mayonnaise Salad Recipes

Salads are refreshing, especially when you are not in a mood to dig upon anything heavy or whenever you want a break from regular food. But sometimes its not loved by everyone in the family. But mayonnaise salad recipes are something which nobody can say no to. And this article is about the same, well here are a few lip-smacking mayo salad recipes to try next time…..

Cucumber Salad– Cut cucumbers in any shape you want and dip them in salted water for 15 minutes. Now take mayonnaise in a bowl and add sugar and a bit of vinegar to it. Mix well and keep aside. Strain cucumbers and and pour the mayo mix over the cucumbers. You can also add dried parsley or dill leaves to this salad. You can also add sliced onions and roasted peanuts to this recipe for a crunchy bite.

Russian Salad– This is a very common but one of the most loved mayo salad recipe. For this you need boiled or steamed chopped carrots, potato, beans, peas and most importantly chopped pineapple and apple for a sweet bite. Once you have arranged all the vegetables in a bowl, simply add mayo, powdered sugar, white pepper powder and a bit of salt and give everything a good mix. For a more creamy flavor you can also add a bit of cream to this salad along with the mayo.

Pasta Mayo Salad– Well you can take veggies like sliced onions, carrots, capsicum, bell pepper for this recipe. In a bowl add boiled pasta and veggies of your choice. Now add mayonnaise, powdered sugar, salt and pepper to this recipe and mix everything nicely.

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