5 Ways To Serve Breadsticks

When you have a party at home, making food look presentable is one of the major concern of the host. But you often have fancy glasses to serve cocktails, platters to serve snacks, but what about the Breadsticks. How do you serve soupsticks, well here are a few ideas…

Take help of a glass– Wrap brown paper around a glass and fasten it with a rope or a thick thread. You can further decorate it with some leaves or flowers. Now the glass is ready to be used for serving breads-sticks. Quite simple and presentable, isn’t it.

Wine or Champagne glasses– You can also use tall champagne or white wine glasses to serve the soup sticks.

Tin boxes– Those tin planter pots can also be used like this. Spread butter paper or a napkin inside the box and put the breadsticks inside it.

Sticks with dip– You can also serve breadsticks in a shot glass along with some dip.

A tray– If you have a small baking tray or any other container which can be filled with a dip then great, do use this idea.

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