Play Holi With All Natural Colors! Easy Dry Holi Colors Recipe Inside

Holi is just here and if you are someone who really freaks out seeing all those chemical laced holi gulal colors then do read this article. Well its super easy to create dry holi colors at home and it takes only 2 minutes to create a color if you have the base ingredients ready at home. All you gave to do is to mix the natural color with some kind of a flour and you are all ready to enjoy the festival. Do give these recipes a try as they are completely safe and natural for your skin and hair…..

Coffee– For brown color mix coffee with maida or wheat flour in ratio of 2:1, or you can increase and decrease the intensity according to the color you want. Whole wheat flour can also be replaced with atta or cornstarch for an alternative.

Mehndi– For all those who love pakaa colors…….this one is for you. Add mehndi to cornstarch in the ratio you want but preferably in 2:1 ratio and enjoy applying this on everyone. Now you don’t have to get tensed when someone applies a pakka color on your hair…..well its actually good for them isn’t it.

Yellow– Use turmeric to create a yellow shade. Mix it with a flour of your choice and you will be all good to go. And incase if you haven’t realized then we have have already made a ubtan here, isn’t it…..

Red– Now this one actually needs to be planned earlier, but just incase if you have dried rose petals or dried hibiscus flowers ( if you are a beauty freak then you must be having them) then grind them in grinder and mix this powder with a flour like cornstarch or maida to achieve the best shade.

Purple/ Pink– For this one use beetroot powder which is easily available nowadays as its nearly impossible to drive powder out of fresh beetroot ( well why would you want to when you can simply eat a fresh one, right!) Mix it with the flour and there you go…..

Image reference- Photo by Prchi Palwe on Unsplash (free for commercial use), Original source

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