#Savesoil, a global conscious movement to save the soil by Sadhguru

Kangana Ranaut recently shared a post urging people to support the project conscious planet envisioned by Isha Foundation founder Sadhguru.

‘Please do your bit and #savesoil ..
Join @consciousplanet and be a part of the movement…
We want #savesoil as a policy from the government and it should be the basis of choosing our leadership..
If we see it as a crisis it will be addressed or else this crisis very soon will be a disaster….let’s spread awareness… do your bit and join..’ captioned the post.

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SaveSoil is a global movement envisioned by Sadhguru which seeks to bring about a concerted, conscious response to impending soil extinction. UN has already warned that the world has soil left for only 60 years which means the top layer of the planet earth would not exist after that. Many artist including musicians, singers, celebrities and sports celebs are already associated with the project.

In order to raise awareness for the project Sadhguru recently left for a 30,000 kms ride on his bike.

Volunteers at the Isha Foundation bid a fond farewell to Sadhguru who will be embarking on an arduous journey of 30,000 kms on his motorcycle to activate citizen support and global government policy action to revitalize soil.

Image reference- Sadhguru Instagram page, original source

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