6 Leftover noodles recipes

6 Things Which You Can Make With Leftover Noodles

Leftover noodles are not just leftovers…. they are basically your ticket to use them the next day in a different way to fuel your taste buds. Here are these six different ways to use them….

Noodle salad– So whatever you like in your salad can go up in the bowl like cucumbers, grated carrots, capsicum, corn, lettuce. All you have to do is to add noodles to this salad and a bit of your favorite salad dressing.

Noodle soup– Noodles go very nicely with any soup, so whichever soup you like whether its manchow, mix veg, hot and sour well just add them to anything and they will definitely taste great.

Noodle samosa– This one is for the Chinese food lovers. Cut vegetables of your choice like onion, cabbage, capsicum, carrots lengthwise and saute them in a pan using some oil. Now add Schezwan sauce and salt according to your taste and add noodles to the veggies. Mix and let the mixture to cool down before using them as filling for the samosa.

Noodle rice– Noodle rice is quite popular in Singapore. You will need cooked rice for this recipe along with your leftover cooked noodles. In a pan take some oil and add onions, bell-pepper, finely chopped ginger garlic and let them cook for 2-3 minutes on high flame. Now add noodles, cooked rice, chili sauce, salt and pepper and cook everything for 2 to 3 more minutes.

Spring rolls– Do we have to write the recipe…..well no this was just a reminder.

Noodle cutlet– Add veggies of your choice like chopped onions, carrot, peas, corn in a bowl and add noodles to them. Season with salt, pepper, garam masala, chat masala, lime juice, green chilies. Now add a bit of chickpea flour or besan to bind everything nicely. You can add 2-3 tbsp milk to bind the mixture. Once ready grease your hands with oil and make cutlets from the ready mix. Roll them over breadcrumbs and leave as is for half an hour. Shallow fry or deep fry according to your taste.

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