Sweet Tooth For This New Year

OK so new year is around the corner and everyone is in a happy and in a cheerful mood. The aura of festivity, positivity and lights are all around us. Its good to see happy faces all around and houses light up in new year decoration and different lights. Friends and relatives meeting up is also an additional bundle of joy. That means you need to prepare some sweet delicacies for the people coming home. Here are few tips to give a personal touch to easily available items. You can prepare them instantly and the guests will love them too.


Fruit Chocolate– Its a great idea to serve different fruits with a layer of chocolate. Melt cooking chocolate in a saucepan and dip and coat your favorite fruits in chocolate, you can also cover them half as in picture.


Fruit Brownies– Top brownies with cut fruits for decoration and flavors. You can also mix different seasoned fruits for the topping too.


Chocolate Spoons– This is something which guest especially the kids will love. Melt choclate of your choice, dark or white one and pour it over the spoons. Sprinkle colored sugar balls at the top for topping.


Brownie & Icecream– Just put brownie in a wide glass and top it up with your favorite ice cream. Instead of ice cream you can use fruit custard as well. Garnish it with a dash of cream and fresh fruits. A customized sweet dish is ready and will be loved by all.


Biscuit Gems– Combine salted and sweet biscuits, you can choose a fruity flavor in sweet biscuit and put a layer of jam between both the biscuits. Top it with colorful gems. Kids will surely love this one.


Image Reference:  Pinterest

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