Fabric Bleach Art

Bleaching Fabrics is not only restricted to making them more white, but it can also be used to create different patterns over colored surface. Since bleach has a discoloring effect on colors, its this property makes it an apt resistance. We can use bleach for fabric art too. Here are few techniques how you can make the best of this art. So next time you want to revive your boring T-shirt, Table runner, Fabrics keep these techniques in mind…..

Use of Pencil– You can use the back of the pencil where rubber is attached. You can create dots in different sizes with this.


Stencil– A stencil cutout in any motif of your choice can be a good obstacle for beach art. Place the stencil over the fabric wherever you want, and apply bleach over it for best result.


Bleach Spray– Use a motif as a stencil, and spray motif all around, the depth of the spray can be decided by you. If you want it to be a little grainy with the background color slightly visible, then do not spray too much otherwise it will become all white.


Bleach Brush Paint– Simply use a brush to do free hand painting over your fabric or clothing. You can choose any motif or can even do calligraphy.


Lace Effect– Create a pattern over your boring clothes, using a lace texture and spray bleach solution over it. You will end up having the same lace effect underneath too.


Image Reference: Pinterest

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