For The Love of Gajras

Gajras have been used in Hindu traditions since ages. They are most oftenly used during weddings by the brides as a head ornament. It is considered as most auspicious head ornament in Southern India. Ladies can be seen wearing it during traditional festivals or some other small or big functions as well.

Basically they are made from jasmine flower buds or mogra but nowadays crossandra and barleria flowers are also widely used. Jasmine is traditionally considered as an auspicious flower because of its strong fragrance which stays for long and purifies the air for all day long. Sometimes a mix of flowers are sewn to one garland to give a mix of colors. Nowadays even roses are used to give it a modern touch.

Although it’s a very simple ornament but no other hair accessory can beat this traditional accessory in grace and charm. It can be used around the bun or over loose hair as well. Let’s find out some variations to use this….










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