Few Crazy Things To Stamp With

Creating your own prints and textures on fabrics and on other items gives a great sense of satisfaction. In this way you can create things which you love and explore many new things to print with, and that too in the colors and design which you love. Here are few ideas to do so….


Yarn Print– Though simple it seems, but it comes out with a great texture. You can work around with the direction of the yarns to create different patterns like vertical or horizontal or a mix of both the directions. All you have to do is to wind a wooden block with a thick thread, how you wind is upto you, but remember doing so creatively as it will decide the design which is transferred to the fabric. Immerse it in your favorite color and start printing.


Fruits and vegetables– Every fruit and vegetable has a texture of their own. In textile printing, it is taught how to create different textures using different items. You can use fruits like lime, lemons, apples and vegetables like ladyfinger, potatoes etc.


Leaf inspirations– Leaf prints are an inspiration to many print designs. They look beautiful and inspiring. You can use leafs with different textures and sizes to create beautiful prints for your home linens, cards etc.


Simple dabbing– Did you ever thought of printing with a basic object like a flower. Well it’s a natural brush, just dab it into your favorite color and start printing.


Corks are great too– They can be used in two ways. First, you can either carve out a simple shape at the end of it with a help of a knife and use this as a stamping tool, or just stick an hard object like buttons in different designs to the cork and start printing.


Pencil backs– They prove to be the best tools if you want to create a polka dot effect. Keep dabbing them in the color and do not worry if you get this gradient in the shade which is from dark to light, it looks great. Dab it again in the color when you want the solid impressions.


Image Reference: Pinterest

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