6 Ways To Create Your Own Decorative Bowls This Diwali

Diwali is near and everyone wants to add beautiful decor pieces to their home. Be it colorful lights or any other decorative piece, buying specially for an occasion gives us a lot of satisfaction. But how about creating your own customized bowls this Diwali. Well, these multipurpose bowls can be used on console or coffee tables, and can be even used to hold your jewellery pieces on a dressing table.

Buttons– You can use colored buttons and simply stick them half way through the balloon. All you need is a balloon, a lot of glue, and a few colorful buttons. Let this whole thing dry completely before inflating the balloon, otherwise your artwok will come crashing down.

Glue and glitter– You need only two things to prepare this super adorable and blingy bowl. One is glue, and another is a lot of glitter. In a bowl mix glitter with glue and quickly brush it up all over the balloon. Remember to create a thick layer of this glittery glue as a thin layer will break off easily. You can also mix different color glitters for this bowl.

Yarn– A simple yarn can be of great use….yes create your own special bowls with a simple thing such as yarn. You can also pick colored yarns for this project. Simply dip the yarn in a lot of glue and keep creating your own pattern.

Paper confetti– You can take small tits and bits of colored paper and create your own small paper bowl. Apply a layer of transparent varnish to increase the life of your bowls.

Cloth pieces– You can also use small leftover pieces of cloth. Cut them in circular shape and they would be good to go.

Lace work– A simple lacework design is excellent for this project. Even the crochet pieces available in different designs and sizes can be stick together to create a one large piece.

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