Traditional Saree Drapes from India

The history of saree is very old in India. Different states have different culture and clothing trends. Similarly, saree trends are also different according to different regions. Here are some prominent draping styles…..

Mumtaj Style Saree– Popular as Mumtaj style saree and named after veteran bollywood actress Mumtaj, this drape is like a skirt which has different layers. It is also a little tighter than regular sarees.


Bengali Style Saree– A regularly draped saree is treated differently at the palla. The palla is taken a little longer and does not have front pleats. It sits pleated on one shoulder, falls at the back and wraps  around the opposite shoulder finally falling backwards.


Marathi Kasta Style– The marathi style saree is a trouser like style and is worn without inner skirt or petticoat.


Karnataka Bhootheyara Style– A saree similar to the Maharastrian trouser style with a slight change in bottom drape.


Gujrati Seedha Palla Style– A style popular in Gujarat, is worn with the palla taken at the front instead of the regular back drape.


Parsi Style– Taken in a normal seedha palla style, with the palla taken at the head too and one end is tucked at the back of the waist.



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