Gifting Ideas To Get That Million Dollar Smile

Gifting Ideas To Get That Million Dollar Smile From Your Best Friend

Best friend’s birthday approaching?

A friendiversary?

Or do you just want to remind your best friend that you are there for them? Here are some of the best gifting ideas for your best friend. Nice excuse to catch up by making some time from your busy schedule, and you also get to take that stress away a little from your life.

They have been working so hard in that new job, or they are new parents whose entire days are going behind taking care of the baby. So, why not give them something which will bring that million-dollar smile back on their faces?

The smile that you always loved!

  1. A Customized Gift Hamper
    A customized gift hamper is the best way to tell your best friend that you love them. A customized gift is personal; it shows that you have put considerable thought and action into ordering the gift.

Some of the best things customized gift ideas are-

  • A photo album with all of your good memories and some bad ones if you have captured them.
  • A playlist photo frame which is essentially your song.
  • A bracelet or pendant with both of your names on it.
  • A vinyl CD with both of their favorite songs on it.

Anything which will remind them of you when they look at you.

2. Rich Sweet Treats
Rich sweet treats are something we all need when we are feeling a little low. So, if your best friend goes heavy on the sweet tooth front, get them a box of rich, decadent, and luxurious chocolate delights.

Yes, make them feel a little bougie! Because that is what they are going to feel when they take a bite from these chocolates and brownies, totally fancy!

A rich sweet treat should be complemented with sweet gestures. Why not the queen of sweet gestures? Flowers! Give them an assorted flower arrangement with these chocolates.

Even if they are not big fans of flowers, they will absolutely love the gesture. Get the flowers from this online flower shop, and make them feel special.

3. Jewelry Never Gets Old
Jewelry will never go out of style, and for someone who loves it, a nice piece of jewelry can always bring a smile to their face. Especially if there is a personal touch to it, this time make your friends feel a little too special, go for a noble metal like gold or silver.

Here are some of the gift ideas which you can try!

  • A constellation pendant with a chain for their birthday month.
  • Zodiac pendant.
  • Handwritten name pendant or bracelet.
  • Matching promise rings.
  • A distress pendant for if they are ever in any trouble.

4. Skincare & Pampering Products
They are so busy that they do not even remember the last time they took a warm relaxing bath. We think it is time to remind them that self-care and pampering are also part of the parcel of being alive.

Maybe the delightful aroma of skincare and pampering products will put them right in the mood to draw up a nice warm bath.

Just click the link given above, and give them the best Ayurveda-certified gift hamper for skin care pampering.

5. A Polaroid Camera
Memories with the person you absolutely adore are like currency; you should always save them. What better way to do it than getting a polaroid camera for your best friend? This can capture all the sweet moments between the two, give it the aesthetic of the polaroid picture, and print easily.

The way their face will light up on seeing the polaroid camera will be phenomenal because, at least, it’s a very cool gift.

Now, Enjoy That Smile!
Now that you have the best presents they could have expected, you just get to sit back and enjoy that smile. Something which has been missing from their busy schedules lately. There is nothing more joyous than seeing the people you love so elated and knowing you’re the reason for it.

Did we miss out on any of the gift ideas? Then let us and the rest of the audience know from the comment down below.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

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