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How to wear the total denim look?

Jeans are resolutely the piece that goes through the years without taking a crease. The denim material, we love it, and it is found in all the pieces of our dressing room: pants, shorts, shirt, skirt, dress, and also our accessories. Brands and catwalks are constantly reinventing it, and no one gets tired of it. So, when we talk about the total denim look, we don’t say no, but this outfit has to be mastered with taste and subtlety to be appreciated. Solado tells you everything to wear the total denim look is at the top of the trend!

Before composing your denim outfit, here are the different key pieces to shop for to look good.


We don’t present it anymore and asymmetric jeans are implacable evidence: they must be in your wardrobe. Flare, slim, bootcut, boyfriend, girlfriend, 7/8 cut, high waist, low waist, mid-rise, ripped, embroidered, stonewashed. There are many cuts, colors, and styles to create a total denim look to your taste, and image, and according to your desires! It is of course to be chosen according to its morphology to have a successful look.

The denim jacket:

The denim jacket is also a must-have. Fitted, oversized, straight cut, it exists in all colors and can sometimes be adorned with details for those who love originality: studs, rhinestones, embroidery, etc.

The denim dress and overalls:

Denim dresses and overalls have also been at the forefront of fashion for many years. Long, short, and belted, they are both ultra-feminine and immediately give style. For the summer, the denim jumpsuit is also a great success.

The denim skirt:

The denim skirt with zips, buttons, short, long, pencil, high waist, with belt… we love it and we adopt it without hesitation for a total denim look.

The denim shorts:

Denim shorts are the star item of clothing for all women in the summer season! Short, Bermuda version, high waist, belted, with a scarf, ripped, embroidered… there’s something for everyone and in every color!

The denim jumpsuit:

The denim trouser jumpsuit is a strong, trendy, and feminine piece par excellence. It can be worn both casually and chic, so it is essential in the dressing room!

Here are some tips to follow and mistakes to avoid for a total stylish denim look:

– Avoid “western” accessories with your look, except for a fancy dress party

– Bet on similar shades of blue denim to make sure you don’t go wrong

– Opt for colorful denim, very fashionable, for cautious and sparkling women

– Put on accessories to brighten up, feminize and give relief to the outfit: jewelry, belts, elegant shoes, and a trendy bag

Examples of total denim look outfits:

Let’s go for some outfit ideas to adapt according to your desires and style.

Casual chic in total denim look:

For work or a walk-in town, opt for high-waisted flare swirl print pants jeans and a raw blue denim shirt. The perfect combo with sneakers, boots, or heels. We can bet on colors to wake up and brighten up the outfit a little. We finish the look with accessories: a belt, a brown leather tote bag, a golden necklace, pretty earrings, and a few bracelets. In summer, we replace the jeans with shorts with a tank top and an open denim shirt as a jacket.

Feminine in denim jumpsuit:

We choose a jumpsuit in straight jeans with a tie belt to mark the waist and we accompany it with suede boots. A look is full of style and ultra-feminine.

Sexy in high-waisted denim skirt:

To be sexy in a total denim look, we put on the mid-length denim skirt with buttons that marks the waist with a white top, a short denim jacket, and boots or ankle boots. Without forgetting the belt, a handbag, a pair of “cat’s eye” glasses, and your most beautiful glamorous jewelry.

How to wear jeans well with your clothes?

Now you know which jeans will look best on you. We offer you inspiring outfit ideas that you can easily recreate with your wardrobe. Do not forget to have both basic pieces and strong pieces.

We refer you to the dedicated articles to know them. This will allow you to play with your clothes according to your desires and your mood for the day. Want a discreet look? Wear your jeans with other basics like a cream blouse, white t-shirt or blazer. Want more originality? Pair your jeans with a stronger piece, a leopard print top, or a strong-colored sweater.

How to choose your women’s jeans according to your morphology is now much clearer for you we hope. You also know how to wear it well with your clothes and shoes. It’s inaction that you can develop your style and enjoy this essential piece of your wardrobe. Starting today, the first step, evaluate the jeans in your wardrobe: decide which ones suit you and which ones don’t. Get rid of the models that do not suit your body type and list the model or models that you may be missing. It will be a good base for your next conscious shopping session.

In the second step, take the time to compose your outfits with your tops and your shoes. Think outside the box and out of your habits.

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